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Artist: nezumi

Other Names Nezumin, Nezumyun, shitomi_sa_sha_shaku_shiki_sha_shaku, ネズミュン, ネズミン, ネズミ, NezuNezu
Active true
URL http://fukurononezumi.blog90.fc2.com/
URL http://nezumi.kemono.cc/nin/index.html
URL http://nezumi.kemono.cc/
URL http://www.pixiv.net/member.php?id=16601


The artist uses variety of names, usually nezumi is the most prevalent in either in actual names URLs or similar.

ネズミ = Nezumi (source: http://nezumi.kemono.cc/)
ネズミン = Nezumin (source: http://nezumi.kemono.cc/)
ネズミュン = Nezumyun (source: http://fukurononezumi.blog90.fc2.com/)

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