WEBM3d_(artwork) adamb/fluffy animated anthro bdanimare blender_(software) body_hair digital_media_(artwork) disney duo erection faceless_male fellatio female flat_chested fur handjob human human_on_anthro humanoid_penis interspecies judy_hopps lagomorph lying male mammal no_sound oral oral_penetration penetration penis pubes purple_eyes rabbit sex simple_background size_difference zootopia

Rating: Explicit
Score: 39
User: AdamB_Fluffy
Date: February 24, 2018 ↑39 ♥112 C9 E PU

Judy model is fantastic but the male model has weird stretching of the textures at the base of the cock.

that nose wiggle at 5 though...


Awww She is a cute little bunny :3

Oh fuck, that's really hot.

Thatcher said:
that nose wiggle at 5 though...

Holy hell, didn't even notice that O_o
so hot o3o

Pasted on pubes... :V

2018 absurd_res big_breasts breasts feet female hair hi_res holding_breast kneeling lagomorph long_hair looking_at_viewer mammal rabbit sharp_teeth simple_background smile sssonic2 teeth thick_thighs voluptuous white_background yellow_sclera

Rating: Questionable
Score: 7
User: LapnikNemur25
Date: February 24, 2018 ↑7 ♥27 C2 Q

“Oh, you want to touch these? Well... heh, heh... you’ll have to pay a price...”


ProZone said:
“Oh, you want to touch these? Well... heh, heh... you’ll have to pay a price...”

does touching the butt cost extra

bathrobe bathroom beard breasts clothing dagmar facial_hair female invalid_tag kangaroo mammal marsupial naked_towel robe shaving shocked taira tf8 totesfleisch8 towel

Rating: Safe
Score: 5
User: TotesFleisch8
Date: February 24, 2018 ↑5 ♥12 C2 S

Now I find it HILARIOUS that Dagmar is shaving off the face fluff, why? Someone in another post commented how Dagmar had a nice 'beard' too amusing!

Her eye's are kind of creepy ._.'

2018 absurd_res angry balls beerus big_butt blush butt cat champa clothing dragon_ball dragon_ball_super feline hi_res huge_butt looking_back mammal rear_view sssonic2 sweat tagme wardrobe_malfunction

Rating: Explicit
Score: 7
User: LapnikNemur25
Date: February 24, 2018 ↑7 ♥31 C3 E C

Beerus has me very confused right now

...I'm fine that, Champa-sama~

i feel like our hands would be minuscule once we lay it upon Champa's glorious booty

breasts english_text female fur hi_res looking_at_viewer lucario nintendo pokémon pokémon_(species) red_eyes saintversa sign simple_background small_breasts solo text video_games white_background wide_hips

Rating: Safe
Score: 36
User: Saintversa
Date: December 31, 2017 ↑36 ♥69 C24 S

Only if the balls touch.

Words of truth


BlueDingo said:
Since when?

uhhh trap is transpohic? lmao i guess im transphobic even though i have friends that are actually trans.. wew. lots of hurt feelings over a meme..


Go away

This is subversive and subverts my expectations at the same time. Veery coool!