News - Apr 14, 2014 (4 days ago)

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There is no reason for any sexy woman (or female anything) to be walking down the street by herself late at night, unless she's a martial arts champion or packing heat.

Time to heed warnings and take lessons.

Furryletsplays said:

Sounds like someone's meds ran out.




Four years after this was posted, and for the first time I looked to the comments to find that four years ago this site had a conscience... fucking pussies :D

4 years old...And this STILL makes me sad...

Date Apr 19, 2014 02:39 AM | User HankSpank | Rating Questionable | Score 2

This arouses me more than the previous image. God I need therapy...

:L Well. Damn, He sure as heck stuck it to her, Eh?

Is it just me, or does Xpray never draw least for this comic. There's been plenty of opportune times to have them in, but its like hes afraid of drawing them, and just hides where it should be with the tail/butt cheeks. Not that its an overly bad thing, just an observation.

Hehe the Queens like don't leave me

Doesn't seem dangerous just yet, so we'll see why they said not to fuck her.

I fall asleep too.

Awful lot of produce on the ground there gone to hell.

lolololololol, awesome!

Yes, because this isn't old. Have you seen the views that video has?

krystal...dat ass
perfect justification for fox's face

Iornwolf115 said:
watching wolf do gangnam style is pretty funny.


All in all this animation was VERY well done. made me laugh, dance, and nosebleed at the same time lol X3

The ladies need bounce physics.
For science, of course.

Omega_2 said:
The ladies need bounce physics.
For science, of course.

science indeed quiet right