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Site Changelog

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I'll be keeping an up-to-date changelog for every change we make to the site here, be it a minor CSS edit or a major overhaul.

April 7 2011

  • New "download" link under images
  • Disabled downloading of and commenting on deleted posts
  • Flag for deletion restored, normal users can flag 2 posts per day, privileged and up has no limit
  • Removed "find similar" button (it doesn't work)
  • Fixed favorite/unfavorite bug
  • Fixed "post without bumping" comment exploit
  • Various other fixes

May 7 2011

  • Various help page tweaks (removed references to danbooru and westernized Japanese references)
  • Beginning switchover to HTML5
  • Renamed "unapprove" to "flag for deletion"
  • Added some files forgotten in the last update
  • Deleted posts' thumbnails don't show a thumbnail of the actual image anymore
  • Added moderator action page

May 7 2011

  • Artist tags are back to the classic gold color
  • Special tags (artist, copyright, etc.) are bolded
  • Quote boxes in forums and comments look nicer
  • Background colors darkened a bit

May 8 2011

  • Missing files uploaded (fixes bug where background ends too far up the page)

May 31 2011

  • Fixed searching for implications and aliases
  • Removed big ugly dtext reference from forum/comment submission form
  • Pagination bar shows more pages before collapsing it with a ...
  • Removed unused user levels from the user search form (unactivated, test janitor, etc.), and reordered the rest correctly
  • Added Forum link to homepage
  • Added new takedown system
  • Changed old takedown page to link to the takedown form
Design overhaul
  • Text fields and buttons are rounded and have a shadow
  • Redesigned many forms, including upload, user settings, etc.
  • Redesigned tables, including forum listing, user record list, etc.
  • Added left/right arrows to incoming/outgoing mail messages
  • Red outgoing mail color improved
  • "New Mail" notice redesigned
  • Unread forum thread titles are now bold and white
  • + - ? next to tags is no longer bold
  • Banned users' usernames in comments/forums have a strikethrough effect now
  • Made homepage shorter (doesn't scroll the page)
  • Number GIFs on the homepage are now transparent PNGs

June 2 2011

  • Moved parent, child, and pool information on post pages to the sidebar
  • Added a background image to the page
  • Created a new news system
  • Fixed tag subscriptions
  • Added SSL to some pages

June 5 2011

  • Tag edits limited to 150 per hour.

June 11 2011

  • Posts limited to 15000 x 15000 resolution.
  • Post index now shows 160 posts per page.
  • Implemented dynamic thumbnail loader, thumbnails only load when you scroll down to them to conserve bandwidth.

July 22 2011

  • Updated rails version
  • Increased comment limit
  • Fixed a tagging bug
  • Made the takedown process more streamlined
  • Added IP address saving to registration
  • User record system updated; negative records can now be created
  • Javascript-based blacklist system for anonymous users has been implemented
  • Edited news system to work better
  • Emails sent from the takedown system now also include the admin's response
  • Did some work on the users table in the database

August 7 2011

  • New error pages (404, 500, etc.)
  • New favicon
  • Changed "Nobody here but us chickens!" to "No posts matched your search"
  • New API pages, /post/show.xml and /post/deleted_index.xml
  • Web IRC client now allows /part and /join (only #e621 still)
  • Improved display of user records on user profile pages
  • Made user record index look better
  • Normal users can now search for only excluded tags (like searching for "-female")
  • Removed 'ID' line from post statistics panel
  • Improved display of source URL on post pages
  • Updated API help page
  • Made help pages take up the full width of the window
  • Added anchors to post pages: #image, #edit, #comments
  • More takedown system updates
  • Various bugfixes
  • Anonymous blacklisting redone for cross-site
  • Fixed some problems with the IP system
CSS tweaks
  • Added borders to advertisements
  • Made search bar and mode bar the same width as the small advertisement
  • Made the "Blocked" header for blocked users look better

August 8 2011

  • Changed "Download" flash thumbnail to "Flash"
  • Fixed favicon.ico so it works properly in IE

October 13 2011

  • Added actual counts to user profile page for deleted posts, favorites, comments, and forum posts
  • Added "Hide comments" feature, found in your account settings
  • Revamped the notice bar at the top of the page. Instead of plain red text, it will be a green bar for positive notices (like "post #12345 added to favorites", or a red bar for errors (like "Error: Must provide a reason")
  • If you try to comment before your account is a week old, the error message doesn't say "Hourly limit exceeded" anymore (but you still have to wait a week)
  • Removed database and performance statistics from the bottom of the post index
  • Added a drop shadow to image thumbnails
  • Clarified that the "Hide reason" option on the takedown form is ONLY to be used for sensitive, personal reasons, and not for reasons like "nobody asked me" or "i don't want my art here"
  • Clarified that the given email address is never made public on the takedown form
Post Pages
  • Accounts must be at least a week old to vote down on posts now, but not up
  • Added "ID" line back to post statistics panel
  • Slightly modified the look of note overlays
  • Changed "Add translation" to "Add note"
  • The rating in the post statistics panel is now colored (red for explicit, yellow for questionable, green for safe)
  • Added shortcuts to the source page, these will be converted to a link: "artist on FA", "artist on furaffinity", "artist on da", "artist on deviantart", "fa artist", "da artist", etc.
  • URLs now redirect to instead of giving a 404

October 28, 2011

  • Cleaned up the layout of the takedown view page
  • Fixed "partially approved" statuses in the takedown index being broken
  • Added a few new sort options for the forum in addition to the original (Updated at): Title, Responses, and Created at. Title and Responses can be viewed by clicking on the respective column headings on the forum index, but for now, you'll have to view /forum?order=created to sort by creation date.
  • Fixed the description meta-tag being the one from
  • (Mod+ only) Made usernames on the Blocked Users list link to their profile instead of being plain text
  • (Admin only) Modified the user level selection dropdown on the Edit User page to correctly order them
  • (Admin only) Made the default value of the dropdown on the Edit User page the user's current level
  • (Admin only) Fixed autocomplete on the edit user/reset password pages
  • (Admin only) Created a new vote removal system to combat vote vandalism
  • (Admin only) Added a link to the new vote removal system on the "More" page
User pages
  • Fixed user profiles all showing your deleted count instead of the user's
  • Made the title (browser title bar) of a user's profile page "/user: username" instead of just "Users"
  • Made minor grammatical edits to some user pages
  • Made the username on a user's profile page show underscores instead of spaces
  • Moved the ban stuff on a user's profile page to a notice bar at the top instead of in the "Level" row
  • Made the "Level" row show the user's real level (privileged, etc.) if they are banned
  • Made the password reset email show your actual username, with underscores and everything, instead of a "pretty" version (underscores were replaced with spaces)
  • Added something fun to the user home page
  • Made the column names on the user list page clickable
  • Added new user sort options: Deleted post count, Tag edits, User record
  • Added a new user setting : Posts per page. Default is 160 (current), max is 320. You can override it for a single search by adding "&limit=__" to the end of a search URL
  • Added a new user setting : Hide URL tags. When enabled, the tags in post URLs will be omitted (/post/show/12345/these-tags-will-be-gone). This doesn't affect functionality in any way, but makes post URLS shorter and cleaner.
  • (Admin only) Added "reset password", "edit user", and "votes" links at top of user profiles for admins
Post pages
  • Added a new order tag: order:random
  • Fixed most "Mode" modes on the post index not working
  • Fixed said modes not actually altering the background color
  • Modified the background colors for the different modes to make them look nicer
  • Moved the (Help) link by the search bar slightly up
  • Made the username in the post deletion notice box bold, like the reason is
  • Capitalized the 'd' in 'Id' in the post statistics panel
  • Colored the post's score green if it's above 0, and red if it's below 0
  • Hid the +/- links next to tags when viewing a post
  • Made the "Respond" link under posts hidden if you have comments disabled
  • Fixed very wide images having a ton of empty space to the left
  • (Admin only) Added a class name to the IP shown in comments to make it easier to style/hide
  • (Admin only) Added a Votes link next to the score on the post page
  • (Mod+ only) Made a bunch of changes to the mod queue, including:
    • Removed high/low vote highlighting
    • Added avoid_posting and flagged post highlighting
    • Modified the guidelines text at the top of the page
    • Made tags clickable
    • Added flagger username to the flagged line
    • Added vote up link next to the vote down link
    • Colored rating and vote up/down links

December 4, 2011

  • Fixed the takedown index for real this time (partially approved rows aren't messed up anymore)
  • Added colors to the status line of takedown pages
  • Rewrote the mascot background changer code on the homepage (and now works properly in Opera)
  • Modified the 'fuzzy time' code, now it shows "x minutes ago" up until 59 minutes instead of 45, shows "x seconds ago" up until one minute, and shows "x years ago" instead of "over x years ago"
  • Modified display of exact dates (usually when hovering over previously mentioned 'fuzzy times': Looks like "Jan 01, 2011" instead of "2011-01-01"
  • Fixed the problem with explicit thumbnails not being shown with Javascript disabled. There is now an option in your user settings to show or hide explicit thumbnails when Javascript is disabled. It defaults to showing them. The option only appears in your settings when Javascript is disabled
  • Added a new metatag to use when tagging an image - child:123. Works similar to the 'parent:' tag. It sets the given post's parent as the current post.
  • Updated help pages; added metatags (rating:, parent:, child:, pool:) to tag help page
  • Fixed the [spoiler] tag
  • Updated the dtext help page
  • Added a ticket system. This allows users to report abusive private messages (will not be made public), comments, forum posts, or users, or request a name change from the user home page
  • Fixed the mascot changer on the index page not working if you're viewing it from "/static/index"
  • Made the center box on the index page partially transparent
  • Added a "Go" button to the search bar on the index page
User pages
  • Fixed the Swedish and Polish welcome messages on the user home page
  • Hid 'Uploaded tags' section of user profile since it's just for your convenience and there's no point showing it to other users, plus banned users abused it to show derogatory messages
  • Hid 'Invited by' section of user profile since we do not use this function anymore
  • Hid the 'invited by' text on the user listing (the stuff that looks like "← Arcturus" for example)
  • Added a link to the blacklist help in the Blacklist section of the user settings page
  • Added validation to the posts-per-page setting. If you enter something that's not a number, or a number below 1, it will reset to 160. If you enter a number above 320 (the max), it will reset to 320
  • After clicking Save on the user settings page, it will redirect to the settings page, not the home page
  • Added a change username link to the user home page
  • (Contributor+ only) Hid the 'Invitations' link on the user home page
Post pages
  • Modified the flagged notice bar a bit, and made the username link to their profile
  • Fixed deleted post pages crashing if the flag details are missing for some reason. In this case, it just shows "This post was deleted."
  • Fixed the "Score:" text not being shown on posts with a score of 0
  • Hid the "(Vote up/down)" on deleted post pages
  • Made it impossible to vote on deleted posts
  • Added a comment hiding system. Users can hide their own comments, but there is no way to restore them. Moderators can hide any comments, which is similar to deleting a post: the comment still exists, but invisible to users
  • (Mod+ only) When deleting a post, made the 'no reason' error redirect to the delete page instead of a blank error page
  • (Mod+ only) Implemented a fix to make sure a user doesn't inadvertently perma-destroy a post when he meant to just delete it. This usually happens when two mods try to delete the same image at the same time
  • (Mod+ only) If a post is deleted, the "Delete" link will be changed to "Destroy"
  • (Mod+ only) When permanently destroying a post, there is now a bold warning message shown

December 4, 2011

  • Fixed not being able to vote on unapproved posts.

December 5, 2011

  • Fixed forum complaint tickets being unviewable

December 30, 2011

  • Added 'ticket #xxx' linking, just like 'post #xxx' links.
  • Fixed a minor time display bug ("80 seconds ago" instead of "1 minute ago")
  • Deleting the last post in a forum thread now correctly updates the latest response time/user
  • Cleaned up the date display on the mod action index
User pages
  • Added username change history to user profiles
  • Added a new user setting : Show Hidden Comments: When disabled, you will no longer see hidden comments (Hidden with the new hide feature, not due to a low score)
  • Cleaned up the form on the "user index"/user
Post pages
  • Fixed a single comment page (/comment/show/xxx) not showing the comment if its score was below the user's threshold
  • Added -user:username tag to filter out uploads by certain users. Blacklisting user:username also works now
  • Fixed not being able to edit images when comments are disabled in your settings
  • (Mod+ only)Added a Delete link to the FFD notice bar, which uses the FFD reason as the default deletion reason
  • Added response and "handled by" field to tickets
  • Handling a ticket creates a mod action entry
  • Username change tickets now show the user's original name instead of their current name
  • Hid more details on user and PM complaint tickets
  • The "Type" column now also links to the ticket instead of just the ID column
  • Added filter options to the top of the ticket index
  • (Admin only) Added length/whitespace checks when changing a user's username
  • (Admin only) Made the "Response" field mandatory when updating a ticket

December 30, 2011

  • Tag limits in searches have been raised to 6 for normal users and 8 for privileged users
  • Posts-per-page setting has been lowered to 75, however, feel free to raise it again
  • Many optimizations have been performed, allowing the site to run faster
  • e621 has been added back in to Google's index, with a new "super special image relocator"

January 07, 2012

  • Reordered the "Respond | Edit | Report/Delete" links under forum posts so it's harder to accidentally click Report

February 12, 2012

  • Links in spoilers are properly hidden now
  • Moved "Report" link for comments to the right of Vote Up/Down
  • Added X button to notice and error bars
  • A search for a post's children does not return the parent post anymore
  • Stopped rewriting source links to
  • Updated the alias and implication pages:
    • Added username and approved filters
    • Added an order option (tag, implied/aliased tag, reason, user, date, tag count, implied/aliased tag count)
    • Added Username and Date columns to the list

May 03, 2012

Artist Update
  • Added "About me" and "Prices" to your user settings, they will show up on your profile (prices will only show up if your account is linked to an artist tag)
  • Allowed accounts to be linked to artist tags
  • Added avatars, you can change your avatar and disable avatar display in your user settings
  • Added blips
  • Added new user page with avatar/blips/user info, you can use classic pages instead by changing a user setting
  • Added @username DText, just bolds whatever you enter (for example, @tony311)
New Features
  • Rewrote the mass edit page; one field for a search, one field for tag additions, one field for tag removals
  • Added a [color] tag to dtext, only usable by privileged users and up. Don't abuse it or you may face disciplinary action. See the dtext help page for usage
  • Added incoming/outgoing filter to Dmail inbox
  • Added a "Clear Flag" options to flagged posts to remove the flagged status without approving the post
  • Added a way to clear the current news notice without creating a new one
  • Added /post/show.json and /post/show.xml
  • Added sort, search, and filter options to the user record index and takedown index
  • Made the above options hidden by default. If you can't use javascript, you can show them by adding ?show=1 to the URL
  • Added a parameter to the comment index to only show comments for posts you uploaded. Link can be found next to Posts line in a user's profile
  • Made the blacklist box in the user settings convert to lowercase on submit so trying to add capitalized tags will work fine
  • Added post ID linking in deletion reasons ('post #123', 'post 123', '[http://][www.]')
  • Added new metatag: -id:123. You can also blacklist id:123 to blacklist a specific post
  • Added new metatags: isparent:true, isparent:false, ischild:true, ischild:false. ischild:false is an alias of parent:none
  • Rewrote the forum lock code, mods+ can now freely edit locked topics without having to unlock it first, and the locked error is nicer looking
  • Made the user record system send a dmail to a user when a record is removed from their account
  • Modified user record dmail title/body text
  • Added a newline between a post's score and favorite list in the sidebar
  • Added mod action entries for stickying, unstickying, locking, unlocking, and adding aliases/implications
  • Cleaned up lots of mod action entries, and added more links in the descriptions
  • Added a link to a user's mod action list to their profile, if they're mod+
  • Added sort/search/filtering to the mod action list
  • Added help tooltips to parts of a user's upload limit formula
  • When logging in with an incorrect username or password, you'll either get a bad username error or bad password error, not just "Access denied"
  • Added tag tooltips to thumbnails in comments/forum posts
  • Added tagcount: metatag, for example, tagcount:3. Remember, ranges work too: tagcount:1..5. order:tagcount is planned but not complete yet
  • Cleaned up the user settings page; Re-ordered options and merged some related options
  • Implemented a new flag for deletion page instead of a javascript popup, with flagging guidelines
  • Posts can now be flagged for deletion even if they already have in the past
  • Added some more links to static/more
  • Account levels are now shown under the username in forum posts/comments
  • Blacklisting a user's uploads (user:username) now also hides the user's comments and forum posts
  • Added quick links to search for your username in forum posts, comments, and blips to the user home page
Bug Fixes
  • Fixed usernames with spaces not working on the IRC page
  • Fixed Chrome Flash bug
  • Fixed some errors using the notice (green) bar instead of the error (red) bar
  • Fixed pages with no subnav bars looking ugly; they now have a thin, empty subnav bar instead (example:
  • Fixed SSL being broken by trying to load non-SSL javascript files
  • Fixed only being able to add 25-40 posts to takedowns before breaking them
  • Fixed aliases and implications not firing on tags with prefixes (like artist:someguy not adding avoid_posting)
  • Fixed some Japanese terms left in a help page
  • Fixed a crash when trying to delete the only remaining post in a topic (not including the original post)
  • Fixed DText not working in some places where user records are shown
  • Fixed not being able to change the capitalization of a username with the username-change feature
  • Changed some notices (green bar) to errors (red bar)
  • Made it only show recent uploads/favorites on user profile pages when there actually are any
  • Removed some forgotten debug lines on takedown pages
  • Disallowed favoriting of deleted posts and hid the favorites list for them
  • Records are now removed in real-time on the user record when you click Delete
  • Made it so users can only delete their topics if they're less than 5 minutes old and have no responses
  • Fixed usernames that consist only of underscores being impossible to see/click on
  • Fixed getting a "Daily limit exceeded" error when uploading within your first week
  • Changed "Daily limit exceeded" error to "Unapproved post limit exceeded"
  • Updated the upload limit page
  • Fixed some areas of the site not working properly for blocked users (for example, the navbar still said "Login/Signup" instead of "Account"
  • Fixed not being able to modify any aspect of a user whose IP is banned (for example, they were unable to be account-blocked and could not change their password)
  • Clarified some wording in the terms of service (Upload Agreement section)
  • Fixed pool names being truncated partway through the pool name
  • Fixed SSL requirement missing on some pages
  • Made colors show up in comment, blip, and forum previews when reporting them
  • Fixed a bad email link in /static/contact

May 04, 2012

  • Fixed some posts being broken and returning a 500 error page
  • Fixed responding to blips on the blip index not working correctly
  • "Show hidden comments" option extended to blips
  • Fixed poster_id parameter not carrying over to other pages of the comment index
  • Fixed deleted posts in pools not showing up on the pool's page
  • Fixed searching for reporters with underscores in their name on the user record index
  • Fixed mod_action entries being created when a user hides their own comments/blips
  • Fixed other user's blips not showing up correctly in the userpage

May 07, 2012

  • Added titles to some title-less pages ("e621")
  • Removed "commit=search" from tag search URL
  • Added "apply username blacklists to forum posts" option
  • Added "apply blacklist to avatars" option
  • Reversed approved/denied colors of takedowns on a takedown's page
  • Updated look of new user profile page, still being tweaked a bit
  • Fixed some more 500 errors

May 08, 2012

  • Cleaned up user stats on user/show
  • Fix "x comments below threshold" text also counting hidden (by a mod, not hidden below threshold) comments
  • Made the random post option available to anonymous users
  • Fixed very long tags breaking the layout of the tag history page

May 10, 2012

  • Allowed the random post page to be used by anonymous users
  • Added a new DText tag, [section], to make collapsible sections for large blocks of text. See the DText help page for more info
  • Fixed some more 500 errors
  • Added some more text to the username change submission form

May 18, 2012

  • Hid thumbnail border colors for avatars
  • You can now escape dtext tags with . Example: [b]This text won't be bold[/b]
  • Fixed some DText parsing with the @username function
  • Fixed a \ turning into a \ in comments/forumposts/blips
  • Added titles to all help pages
  • Updated the dtext help page with examples and new stuff
  • Updated the source code help page
  • Updated the mass tag edit help page
  • Removed "Suggestions" and "Hidden Tags" links on help index, not applicable to e621
  • Fixed not being able to have a blank email address
  • Fixed usernames with ( or ) in them breaking some systems

May 24, 2012

May 31, 2012

June 11, 2012

  • Added a lot of optimizations to a lot of pages, so they should load faster
  • Fixed up display of the [code] DText tag
  • added JSON call for pool/show (/pool/show.json?id=???)
  • Fixed being unable to connect to IRC if your username has invalid IRC nick characters in it(like parentheses)
  • Added tag tooltips to post #123 links
  • Added source to post's tag history
  • Re-added tag subscriptions back to top of user profiles, but only for privileged users and up
  • Fixed forum threads being bumped to the top when a post in the middle (not first or last post) is deleted

July 26, 2012

  • The forum is now split into categories. See category list here
  • The bug causing accounts to give a 500 error upon logging in has been fixed. Broken accounts may need to be fixed with this page
  • The blacklist now has a 3900 character limit. There is a counter under the blacklist entry box to help you keep track of it
  • The blacklist now applies tag aliases when you submit it
  • You can now search with "quoted strings" on the comment search page
  • Fixed URL parsing
  • When using the API to upload a post, you can now pass the sourceurl parameter if you are already using post[source] for the remote image URL
  • Wiki pages now show a complete list of all tag aliases and implications involved with the currently viewed tag
  • Made it much easier to switch between alias and implication searches
  • Hovering your cursor over a post's score now shows total up and down votes
  • Made usernames in comment/search link to their profiles
  • Added a stats bar under post thumbnails
  • Added delreason: metatag to search for posts with a given deletion reason
  • Added Atom feeds for comments, forum posts, and user records. Maybe more later
  • Allowed voting on flagged images
  • Disallowed banned ips from creating takedowns
  • Added show.json API call for pools
  • Added the ability to delete takedown requests (this is only for cleaning up takedown request flooding)
  • Fixed 500 error when searching for a nonexistent alias
  • Fixed 500 error on the post tag history page
  • Fixed 'view blacklist' link missing from the user profile page
  • Fixed privileged and contributor users being able to create records