Post in forum #189471 - Advanced tag discussion: Mutually-exclusive Body Types/Styles (anthro, feral, human, humanoid, taur, 'semi-anthro' etc.)

Also, if anyone has a better idea for the semi-anthro tag,

Such as a less ambiguous name or definition,

then here's the place you could mention it.


Some main points raised from what I can recall:

+ The purpose of the tag definitely has some uses, since art styles and intent are so variable

What one person may see as closer to anthro, may be closer to feral for some. Which is still consistent with TWYS, but may result in 'miscategorization' of the body type

- It's also for that same reason, the tag name itself should be less ambiguous.

I don't really see a problem with the ambiguity here, since it's already understood the tag is to be used for ambiguous cases

@Genjar had the most to say about this, maybe they can explain about it better


Also related about this is forum #187706 - Advanced Policy Discussions: Implicative/Conjunctive/Redundant/Mutually-exclusive tag usage (Mar. 2016)

Especially 4. Mutually-exclusive tag usage