Post in forum #189471 - Advanced tag discussion: Mutually-exclusive Body Types/Styles (anthro, feral, human, humanoid, taur, 'semi-anthro' etc.)

Furrin_Gok said:
Eh, that's not enough to qualify as not being feral, imo.

Never said it was :v

More along the lines of 'there are different types of feral art styles'

Most animals don't even have visible irises, as that would give away where they're looking, instead it looks like it's pure pupil.

Agreed, especially since that depends on the level of technical competency



Even with all that, unless there are others who want to differentiate these different levels of feral 'sapience', I'm not really up for having to regularly disambiguate the different types there are, links pending

Unless maybe we tag multiple categories of the relevant tag (see
forum #187706)

But even then, what's the point of doing that with only 2 hypothetical feral categories?

At least not now anyway. If someone else brings it up again, then maybe, but for now, one distinct body type tag for the above seems fine with most [citation needed]