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2 years ago
2011 annoyed antennae arthropod biped black_markings blue_eyes clothed clothing crossed_arms cute duo feral front_view green_body human insect insect_wings lifting lol_comments male mammal markings moth nisimawari pellucid_hawk_moth portrait quadruped shirt shorts simple_background solo_focus spread_wings standing three-quarter_portrait three-quarter_view traditional_media_(artwork) watercolor_(artwork) white_background wings

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User: Genjar
Date: May 29, 2013

  • titanmelon said:
    • 1. Cases like 2016 <3 anthro bailey1rox blue_sclera canine claws female fox fur half-closed_eyes hi_res kyubi_(yo-kai_watch) long_claws mammal nude pink_claws pink_nose purple_fur semi-anthro simple_background slit_pupils smile solo toe_claws tuft video_games white_background white_fur wide_hips yellow_eyes yellow_fur yo-kai yo-kai_watch

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User: GameManiac
Date: April 12, 2016 2015 ambiguous_gender anthro black_sclera blue_markings canine claws facial_markings fire fox fur hi_res kyubi_(yo-kai_watch) long_claws looking_at_viewer mammal markings multi_tail multicolored_fur nude pink_claws purple_fur red_markings semi-anthro side_view simple_background slit_pupils smile solarbyte solo toe_claws tuft video_games white_background white_fur yellow_eyes yellow_fur yo-kai yo-kai_watch

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User: GameManiac
Date: April 12, 2016 absurd_res anthro canine fox fur hi_res kemono korean kyubi_(yo-kai_watch) male mammal solo tailzkim video_games yellow_eyes yo-kai yo-kai_watch

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User: voldosbt
Date: April 10, 2015 would be the ones to definitely get the semi-anthro tag from me, in addition to feral + anthro

    Nothing ambiguous about those. This is a feral fox:
    4_toes ambiguous_gender black_fur black_lips black_nose brown_eyes canine day digitigrade feral fox fur grass hindpaw inner_ear_fluff long_mouth looking_at_viewer mammal markings no_sclera orange_fur outside pawpads paws photo real red_fox sitting slit_pupils snout socks_(marking) solo stare toes unknown_artist whiskers white_fur

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User: ThatPurpleFox
Date: September 15, 2012

    Whereas those clearly aren't, so it'd make no sense at all to tag them as such. Especially since those are closer to the origin of the term 'anthropomorphic animals' than the second group.