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2 years ago
blue_eyes cutie_mark digital_media_(artwork) duo ear_tuft english_text equine eshredder feathered_wings feathers female feral fluttershy_(mlp) friendship_is_magic fur hair inner_ear_fluff long_hair looking_at_viewer mammal my_little_pony parasprite_(mlp) pegasus pink_hair simple_background smile solo_focus text tongue tongue_out tuft wings yellow_feathers yellow_fur

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User: Fluttershy
Date: April 15, 2013

Yeah those are all pretty clearcut anthro to me.

Semi-anthro was more meant for cases like this:

animal_genitalia animal_pussy anus armpit_hair audience big_butt blue_feathers blue_skin butt clothing digital_media_(artwork) equine equine_pussy feathered_wings feathers female feral friendship_is_magic full-length_portrait group hair hi_res legwear looking_at_viewer mammal mirror multicolored_hair multicolored_tail my_little_pony navel nipples pegasus portrait pregnant pubes pussy rainbow_dash_(mlp) raised_tail red_eyes rhk semi-anthro silhouette slightly_chubby solo_focus spread_legs spreading stockings tail_wraps teats tongue tongue_out wings wraps

Rating: Explicit
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User: ethan95326
Date: March 07, 2016 2015 4:3 belly big_belly blue_eyes blue_feathers clothing color_edit colored cub dj-pon5 earth_pony edit equine feathered_wings feathers featureless_crotch female feral friendship_is_magic frown group hair hair_bun horse legs_up lying mammal my_little_pony nude nurse_redheart_(mlp) on_back open_mouth panties pegasus pony pregnant purple_eyes rainbow_dash_(mlp) scootaloo_(mlp) semi-anthro spread_legs spreading surprise tg-0 unbirthing underhoof underwear vore wings young

Rating: Questionable
Score: 9
User: LunarEclipsed
Date: March 07, 2016

Where otherwise feral body types are mixed in with very human features. Note the armpit/armpit hair and angle of the arms on the left, and the awkward standing position with hips and panties on the right.

Tanidareal is another example of this (though I'd probably tag most of those as feral and be done with it):

2014 anthro bandanna blue_eyes briefcase canine claws conditional_dnp feral fox fur hindpaw male mammal orange_fur pawpads paws solo tablet tani_da_real toe_claws whiskers white_fur

Rating: Safe
Score: 7
User: TonyLemur
Date: May 31, 2014 2013 ambiguous_gender avian bird black_nose blue_eyes canine cast chicken conditional_dnp crutch cute death detailed_background eyes_closed feral forest fox group mammal nature outside smile tani_da_real tree wounded

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User: TonyLemur
Date: June 21, 2013