Post in forum #189471 - Advanced tag discussion: Mutually-exclusive Body Types/Styles (anthro, feral, human, humanoid, taur, 'semi-anthro' etc.)

(There was a really long post that's supposed to be here, but maybe later)

This is exactly what I'm talking about:

Everyone has a different definition for semi-anthro, because there is currently no standard definition for anthro in the first place
(and feral to a much lesser extent)

Both on and off the site

If we try to objectively tag subjective body types, at least one person is going to be 'wrong' about something, which never ends well for anyone involved

So, with that said, we have a couple of options here, with some overlap:

▼ 1. From what I'm understanding, these are the current proposals:
  • Keep anthro and feral separate
  • Invalidate semi-anthro
    • Try to fit all the ambiguous cases into either anthro or feral
  • Continue to group all the 'realistic feral' post examples I mentioned above together with parasprite's semi-anthro examples (feral body type + minor human qualities/context/expressions)


▼ 2. Or, we could try:
  • Use anthro and feral for cases where they can said to be unambiguously anthro or feral
  • keep semi-anthro for cases where there the ratio of anthropomorphism : zoomorphism is relatively even (maybe within 50% of either, +/- 10%)
    • But still tag the posts with anthro or feral, whichever ones are more relevant (anthro for my semi-anthro examples, feral for parasprite's
  • Use a different tag (realistic_feral_bodytype?) for 'completely realistic ferals', such as the fox in Genjar's example

This way, we can have the following:

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  • feral and anthro are both still used for the most discrete cases (pretty much exactly how it's used now, and according to the body types wiki
  • semi-feral can be used as an intermediatary tag between anthro and feral without , since the styles overlap so much in some cases
  • with the realistic_feral_bodytype tag or whatever it'd be called, the '100% realistic feral depictions' don't get lost within the more cartoony/humanised feral depictions
  • If people can tag feral and/or anthro on the semi-anthro posts, someone can do a search for feral, and still find the more feral semi-anthro posts, do a search for anthro, still find the more anthro posts, and do a search for realistic_feral_bodytype and find exactly what they want
  • Even if we assume every single post on the site is tagged appropriately using mutually-exclusive body types only as suggested in 1., then:
    • anything in semi-anthro tagged anthro cannot be found with a search for feral, and
    • anything tagged feral couldn't be found with a search for anthro, despite having overlapping body style qualities
  • people with feral/anthro blacklisted are still going to see the more feral/anthro semi-anthro examples, since they were tagged with either anthro or feral, but nothing in between or both.

What are we going to tell them if/when they complain? Use the blacklist that doesn't work as intended? Anthro already has 450 000+ posts, and feral has 130 000+. Not even counting the ones not identified at all

Is it really that preposterous to believe there are going to be some overlap between the two, most common body types on the site?
And that trying to fit them in only one of the categories, rather than acknowledging that overlap and trying to account for it, doesn't make sense?

This is why I'm thinking about using semi-anthro as a sort of sub-tag, not necessarily a separate body type altogether, but not a 'supplementary' tag either

We wouln't have to rely on people to tag it, because anthro and feral are still the main ones for zoomorphism/anthropomorphism