PSA: Takedown verification system slightly broken

In category: General

If you have created a takedown request recently and you're still waiting on it to get resolved please read below.

Usually the page gives you instructions and a code you need to send us to one of our accounts on a different page, those instructions, as well as the code, are currently not reliably showing up. If you created a takedown and didn't see the giant, red box (or if you ignored it) please send us a private message to any of the accounts below stating that you filed a takedown request on e621.


If you don't have an account on either page you can write us an email with it to takedowns[at], or make a post somewhere on your gallery that we're able to see.

Once we have that private message we can verify who you are and get it dealt with ASAP. This only affects the verification of the takedowns, everything else works fine.

Thank you for your patience while we fix this as soon as possible.