[Bug] Something wrong with my blips

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Bug overview description.
No idea why, but my blips seem to already have posts in them despite being a new user. I do not know why.
What part(s) of the site page(s) are affected?
Just my account page.
What is the expected behavior?
I would expect no blips at all, minus the one blip where I actually said something just now.
What actual behavior is given instead?
Uh there are blips
Time of incident (if applicable).
The moment I made my account
Can you reproduce the bug every time?
Yes, in fact it is going on now
What steps did you take to replicate this bug?
Errors or other messages returned (if any).

It's a feature that shows blips that have your name, or only part of your name (in whole words) in your blip "dashboard".

Aka: anyone using the phrase "your best friend".

12 days ago
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Rating: Safe
Score: 18
Date: February 21, 2018

Random said:
Aka: anyone using the phrase "your best friend".

actually just someone saying friend is enough. or best. or your