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Probably time I finally release this. I introduce: m621!

This is the successor of my web-based mobile client for e621 which I never advertised (it's still alive at https://m621.net, but I no longer maintain it and the account features are broken).

View Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/ZJRydiw


  • Searching and viewing posts
  • Pool support. Posts that are in a pool have a view pool button, where you can sequentially view the pool like a massive comic strip.
  • Integration with your e621 account. Upvoting, downvoting and favouriting.
  • Simple top-down layout
  • Fast and responsive (lots of caching)
▼ Future Plans
  • View comments (I've already written the DText parser for this)
  • Make comments
  • Pool index
  • Blacklist
  • Tag and pool notifications

And in the more distant future...

  • Basic offline viewing
  • Blips, DMail and forum support
▼ Current Issues
  • The cache size setting doesn't actually do anything yet (it's locked at 250MB, so make sure you have room for this on your phone!)
  • If you browse in too deep, the app may run out of RAM and crash
  • You cannot view beyond page 750 because of e621 API limitations, I'll make a workaround for this at some point.

Feedback and suggestions are encouraged, though due to issues with Xamarin (big mistake of mine to use that mess), development has tempoarily been put on "hold".


This app isn't on the Play Store (they don't allow NSFW apps, but I will put it on the Amazon App Store eventually). You must enable Unknown Sources (Settings > Security > Unknown Sources).

It's also worth noting the app won't auto-update in any way, updates will be provided through this thread (until I put it on the Amazon App Store).

Requires Android Lollipop 5.0 or higher.


Really nice app thanks can't wait to see more. When will the next update be?

I'v always wanted an e6 mobile app, i'm going to have to check this out

nadiataur said:
Really nice app thanks can't wait to see more. When will the next update be?

Xamarin problems are fixed so development is underway again.

Working on pool notifications but I'm not sure when it'll be ready to release.