How influential would you say Lucario was on the Furry Community?

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Started noticing a trend of the Lucario peep being linked to peeps first Experience with the furry community.

Whether it is:

- Peeps having the Pokemon as there favorite for how cool he looks in the
movie. (which he was the star of.) and find others who think the same.

-Peeps liking how unique the pokemon was with its sense of purpose,
How it was able to speak and fight alongside his trainer in a bond seemingly stronger than Ash and Pikachu. Soon joining a Pokemon Fandom surrounding this oddly well-written pokemon, Could start writing their
own stories (fan-fictions) exploring the idea of pokemon written as if they were people and soon branching off into writing any animal as if they were people. ╹‿╹)

- Peeps relating or finding a bit of them self in the struggles and strifes of Lucario, were deeply moved by his sacrifice at the end of his movie- (Which did save Ash's life.) to the point Lucario seemed more like a peoson than magical creature (Pokemon). Unique as or even more so of a pokemon as Mewtwo with a more appealing design and as the tragic hero and not tragic Villan. The could easily see Lucario as their persona or "Fursona" ◠‿╹)

- Or a peep would just like his more humanoid design, find peeps who think the same and
that slowly evolving into liking characters designed 'like' Lucario; Eventually making their own. ╹‿╹)

All the stories seem different and unique but
they do share a same common baseline to them.
"Lucario brought me here."

Which begs the question,
How influential would you say Lucario is on the
furry community as a whole?

And as a bonus question, How many people do you think
were brought into the fandom from him? (The Movie?)


AoBird said:

Peeps peeps peeps

I don't need a username to identify your posts Notkastar, not saying there is anything wrong with them, mind you, just that you have a very easily-recognized style of writing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

wouldnt say influental. just popular and successful furrybait.

I think it's cute XD for the question...

Lucario's a 'gateway character' so to speak. Most of us here had SOME character/s that made us go "whoa..." when we were small.

Some common ones I recall:

  • Disney's Robin Hood
  • The Lion King
  • Lola Bunny
  • Balto
  • Pokemon/Digimon
  • Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Krystal

In a few years, we'll have kids coming in from Zootopia, Kung Fu Panda, How to Train your Dragon, My Little Pony...

It's all part of the Circle of liiiiiife!

For me, it was the Lion King. there were plenty of other shows in that era that helped feed me: Duck tales, TMNT, Darkwing Duck, Rescue Rangers, Thunder cats and the whole slew of other 80's/90's nostalgia.... but most furries have ~some~ character they locked onto like that.

I don't think Lucario was particularly influential.

As for being furrybait, I sort of feel like if someone is drawn in by some particular character, whoever that character might be, then they probably would have been drawn in eventually by some other character anyway.

But then what do I know? My own interests never followed that trajectory to begin with, so maybe I'm not the best to proclaim judgment.

More or less, how influencing was Pokemon in general?

I do still find *ahem* Lucario art attractive

There should be a survey with age brackets and all the waifus. I think Lola Bunny could top it. She was portrayed as a sex symbol when she was introduced, on the big screen no less, and a lot of kids must have been "confused". Gazelle is the new generation's Lola Bunny. As long as "funny animals" exist in kid's movies, there will be an animator willing to fuel the community's perversions.

Lucario doesn't have the obvious sex appeal that some other Pokemon like Gardevoir have. You probably have to get into the porn before you can find enlightenment. Subtle changes between the game boy sprites/anime and the porn can make a huge difference.

AoBird said:

MyNameIsOver20charac said:
Peeps peeps peeps

I don't need a username to identify your posts Notkastar, not saying there is anything wrong with them, mind you, just that you have a very easily-recognized style of writing ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

SnowWolf said:
I think it's cute XD

Oh you guys make me so happy =‿=)
Heh, Guess my way of typing is pretty unmistakably odd. ◠‿◠;)
What can I say, I love the flair it gives to ma vernacular~★


@Lance_Armstrong @SnowWolf @Clawdragons @Joxen @Eggplant
Sorry for mass summoning jutsuing you guys like this, thought it would be a better
alternative than quoting every single one of you guys in one post ◠‿╹;

Huh, a baseline to the baseline; Neat ideas doods! ╹‿╹)
(And one I'm shooked I didn't notice sooner tbh =‿=)

Guess you could replace Lucario with "Anthro creature From said Movie"
and everything I said could apply. And calling it furry bait is so~ fitting haha ◠‿◠)
Came in from Regular Show (Mordecai and Rigby) myself.

Just notice that Lucario kept popping up in the furry Pokemon Community,
that it got me wondering how many people were brought into/discovered the
furry fandom because of him. ╹‿╹)

And to also see what you good doods thought of the guy's place in the fandom.
So far these have been some amazing and enlightening replies ◠‿◠)

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It's one of the few pokemon I actually dread drawing for commissions.