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I asked an artist on FA if I could repost one of their drawings to e621.
They replied:
"Sorry, I don't like that my work is on e621 already and I would appreciate if you didn't repost it there."

So I'm not going to do that.

But I could tell the artist about takedown requests and the DNP list.
If I did, the artist would be happy, but e621 would lose > 100 pics.

What should I do?

Tell them DNP and takedowns are a thing and that we honor both.

"Maybe I should forget to mention the options available for artist, so that we can keep the content againts their will and they will never find out ūü§Ē"

Here's another question, is their art good or bad?

*cough*, throwing rocks in a glass house.


Doesn't matter that we'll lose a lot of images, if an artist doesn't want their art here, let them know how to submit a takedown. Let them know how to request DNP status as well.

MyNameIsOver20charac said:
*cough*, throwing rocks in a glass house.


I thought the same thing too, but I figured I should only make one joking but not really joke per post.