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post #1572979 is not human. The head is detached and it's very much exactly what it's tagged as, a dullahan, of which there are multiple examples of, one even being a male human-looking one without any sort of furryness.

Please restore this post as it pretty much fits the definition of the monster-girl dullahan in the wiki, "Nowadays, Dullahan are frequently depicted as a monster girl species, nearly indistinguishable from humans except for the detachable head."

If it looks like a human, it is treated as a human. The deletion is correct with our current guidelines.

It's two humans, one without a head and one without a body, change my mind.

To be clear, for something to not be a human they must have some anatomical distinction beyond just "normal body part is in a strange place". Corpses also still count as human, so that's just more of the same.

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It looks like a human body and a human head to me.

Nothing about the modular fetish is inherently furry, and it's entirely possible for someone to draw a human with any number of body parts detached without them being a dullahan.

<3 absurd_res big_breasts breasts detachable detachable_head dullahan female hair hand_on_breast hi_res humanoid jellyroll multicolored_hair not_furry overweight purple_skin saliva signature solo two_tone_hair

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If there's some trace of spiritualness from the head or the body, that might make it more obvious that it's a dullahan, though it's still up to our staff whether or not that'll be enough in future cases.

Needs a non-human element on it to be restored. Like a tail, animal ears, paws, etc.

Two humans but each missing one thing? We tag by what we see, what's obvious in the picture, and in the picture there's only one whole being, regardless if it's split into more than one piece or if there's other pictures indicating they're from two separate people. There are no features visible to say that what is displayed is more than one person, none. Not skin tone, not markings, there's nothing here to say that this is two people and not one. Quite the contrary as the skin tone matches and that's really all we have to work with without considering anything outside the picture which, unless it's a name, is not something we do.

Looks like a human head and body? Thus the "indistinguishable from humans" bit a former staff member indicated in the wiki to define a non-human character known as a Dullahan.

Once a human becomes a werewolf or a human dies and becomes a ghost, or a human becomes a vampire it's no longer called a human, no matter how human it looks.

No, it's now a vampire, a werewolf, or a ghost. In this case it's now a Dullahan. A Dullahan which exactly matches the wiki description of a Dullahan as defined by a former staff member back when they were still, in fact, a staff member. If it is a Dullahan then it is not human, nearly indistinguishable from such, but definitely not such as it can do what other humans cannot, remove its own head and be still able to function.

I recently read another post from an admin about how human content is considered such if there's no non-human traits. A detachable head is exactly a non-human trait. All evidence points toward this being a Dullahan which is its own unique thing and not a human as humans cannot remove their own heads, let alone do so and fuck them. The in-house wiki says it's not a human, the character looks to be one single person and is clearly not a human because humans cannot remove their heads and continue to be motile as is depicted by the movement lines.

If it weren't already its own very obviously monster-not-human thing then sure, it's just some funny human that can remove its head for some reason. Yet it is its own monster-not-human thing, a Dullahan so we need to consider it as such as that is what is depicted in the picture and what's in the picture is all that matters. There's no extra body or extra head in the picture to indicate it's more than one human that's been chopped up. There's nothing to indicate that it isn't, in fact, a Dullahan which is, inherently, not human due to its singularly unique trait of being able to remove its head and remain functional. That very act makes it a type of monster.

And if a vampire has their mouth closed and thus appears like a regular human we will still delete that vampire as being human. If a werewolf is in its human form we will still delete that werewolf as being a human.

Again, it's a human with its head in its hands. Even if it's traditionally called a dullahan doesn't change the fact that it's visually literally a human body with a human head in its hands. And our approval guidelines are still purely concerned a out visuals. If it looks like a human it will be treated as such.

I can't even begin to grasp how a wiki stating that they're usually indistinguishable from normal humans means we have to accept them when they do look like a pure human with trouble keeping their head on their shoulders. That argument is a complete non sequitor.