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Suggest head_pat alias to patting_head OR visa versa (patting_head → head_pat).

patting_head seems good, since main tag seems to patting (45 posts).

One the other hand,
another type of pat is called a "pat on the back"
( https://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/pat_on_the_back )
so maybe head_pat would be better. (also shorter)

10 posts tagged with patting_head
19 posts tagged with head_pat

1) headpat tag with 3 posts
2) (and there was head_patting tag with one post)
3) pat_on_head with one post

4) patting_back with one post (aka "pat on the back")

EDIT: I kept putting patting_head → head_pat
into the suggestion fields (head_pat just seems nicer),
but went with → patting_head
because of patting tag.

On the other hand, if we went with head_pat then some people would tag with pat also, which is now a character tag but needs to be disambiguated because some tagged with pat show act of patting ... while others probably one of the nine characters named Pat.
EDIT: made alias suggestion of pat → pat_(disambiguation) at forum #262226

If anything it should be "petting head" since that sounds better than "patting head"

Gay_Communist_Cat said:
If anything it should be "petting head" since that sounds better than "patting head"

Well, "a pat on the head" is a common way of describing the gesture.

Fun facts from TV tropes -- which describes it as an "affectionate gesture to the head" ... In north america, the head bat can be affectionate or patronizing, but in asia, it's often rude because of the spiritual implications of touching another's head. (In Buddhist culture, the head is the highest and most sacred part of the body, while the feet are lowest and considered dirty. So... touching someone's head is REALLY invasive... and it really says some interesting things about asian foot fetishists.

... +1 to either implication. probably depends on if we prefer verbing_noun or noun_verb