Post in forum #265727 - [Announcement] Tag categories for existing tags can no longer be changed via metatag

KiraNoot said:
Things should be fixed up so that they behave the way described now. Pool tags are not actual tags so they are not applicable to type changes and can be used by anyone.

If you're continuing to get 500 errors when creating tags/changing types, please post a reply and I will look into it.

Attempted to make a new artist tag when posting an image for an artist that did not exist yet. First, I ran in to several 500 errors (78cf6fa754013f328042d15bb4c232b7).

When it finally posted, somehow despite saying artist:vikiboy, it got made into a character tag instead. Of course, I was able to go to Tags and manually change the tag type, but I'm not sure why it defined it as character when I explicitly said artist.