Post in forum #265727 - [Announcement] Tag categories for existing tags can no longer be changed via metatag

So I'd like to propose a problem, and I hope you guys have a decent solution. What happens when somebody creates a bunch of new valid tags on one image, but doesn't categorize them properly? Do we really have to search each individual tag in the tag page, and are new users uploading for the first time expected to do the same? I'm not entirely sure what problem this is intended to fix, but as someone who spends a lot of time in general tags I can think of how this is a problem.

Let me break it down just to clarify what I mean. If I see a new tag in general that looks like it could either be an artist or a character tag, I'm now gonna have to open the post in a new tab to see whether the post has an artist tag already, then I have to go back to the tag page and open the edit page in a new tab(because it doesn't save type and order settings when it takes takes you back), and then I have to change the tag category and close both tabs?

I would personally love if you could implement the tag type selection box into the tag list itself. Hell, I'd love it if it were just on the tag's wiki page. Then I wouldn't have to open the tag list and manually search for it just to edit a single tag. It seems like such a massive inconvenience given the number of times new tags are dropped into the wrong category, I can't possibly fathom what problems it is offsetting.