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JAKXXX3 said:
There's a whole tag for that, actually: lifted_by_ears.

Yes, but, for the kids at home, you don't DO that to real rabbits. It hurts them. It's not pleasant. but even past that, they have really, really fragile spines.

under the spoiler discusses bunny death: Basically, if you look up how to humanely dispatch a rabbit, most of the methods involve bending or pulling on it's head. it doesn't take much force or effort. by pulling, lifting or grabbing a rabbit by the ears, it would be very easy for the rabbit to accidentally break their own necks.

So, I don't doubt that it's a thing and that people find it entertaining, just.. that's not good real life bunny handling behavior and makes me cringe.

BlueDingo said:
Paralysis, maybe?

also paralyzed (21), paralysis (8), paralyzing (3), paralyzer (3), paralysed (2), sleep_paralysis (2) (though that's more of a "horror watching you in bed")
mmmmaybe, but I feel like that'd... mmm.

There are kinks centered around people who are disabled. Most usually, it's amputees, but some characters in wheel chairs may have some form of paralysis.

We also have pokemon art where Paralyze is a move that they can do and use on others... though in most of the images, it looks more like "stunned via electricity" ... likewise, there are some mind-control thingies that probably orient around "don't move"ing.

Likewise, some posts feature characters who have been injected, stung, bitten, or otherwise artificially induced into paralysis.

And all of those are fine and legit. Just... I don't feel like they should be lumped in with what is effectively being fucked silly, but focusing on the body rather than the face. Or something, anyway.