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BlueDingo said:
Now I'm picturing her body spazzing out as the physics engine gets overwhelmed with collision detection spam. Someone please make this.

It... it's beautiful.

My favorite (imagined) part is when her mesh gets stuck in the wall and bed and she distorts out into some strange 5th dimensional being. Nick, meanwhile, keeps on humpin' away, occasionally giving the viewer tantalizing glimpses of the inside of his model.

4:3 absurd_res ahegao ambiguous_gender blush bodily_fluids drooling fangs hi_res incubator_(species) kyubey looking_pleasured not_safe_for_reality open_mouth pink_background pink_eyes pupils purple_background reaction_image saliva simple_background solo spiral_eyes white_skin

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User: Nicklo6649
Date: May 19, 2018