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5 months ago
2013 5_fingers abs anthro athletic canid canine canis claws collarbone dingo fingers front_view fur gloves_(marking) half-length_portrait holding_arm imiak inner_ear_fluff looking_at_viewer male mammal markings navel nipples nude peachez pecs pink_eyes pink_fur pink_nose portrait pose shy solo tan_fur v-cut

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User: flux_capacitor
Date: March 02, 2013

crusty_fire said:
Is there a tag for this gesture used when telling someone to be quiet? There's hushing but it is only used on 14 or so images.

anthro bottomwear brown_eyes brown_fur bulge clothing disney felid finger_to_lips fur hi_res hushing jeck looking_at_viewer male mammal muscular muscular_male orange_fur pantherine police shorts simple_background solo standing tiger tiger_dancer_(zootopia) underwear undressing uniform white_fur zootopia zootopia_shorts

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User: Damien-The-Red-Panda
Date: September 04, 2016