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At the behest of Snow Wolf this is getting its own dedicated thread.
Tentacles designed to be penetrated (as opposed to the more common ones that penetrate you) are a bit of a mess, tag-wise

Picking up from where we left off in the "do we have a tag for this" thread:

Levant said:
Tagged as maw:
2018 animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro balls bite biting_lip bottomless canine_penis clothed clothing digital_media_(artwork) domestic_ferret erection food fur hi_res knot leaf lips male mammal meat mustela mustelid musteline nervous open_maw outside partially_clothed penis purple_fur qwaxi~lixard sausage sausage_(character) self_bite shirt_logo solo tentacle_maw tentacles vines

Rating: Explicit
Score: 1
User: Qwaxi~Lixard
Date: July 28, 2018 1:1 animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro armor balls barefoot blush bodily_fluids clenched_teeth cornelius_(odin_sphere) digital_media_(artwork) dripping drooling erection front_view hood lagomorph leporid male mammal manmosu_marimo nipples odin_sphere open_maw penis pooka pull_out rabbit restrained saliva sheath simple_background solo struggling tapering_penis teeth tentacle_maw tentacle_mouth tentacles unconvincing_armor

Rating: Explicit
Score: 13
User: Circeus
Date: January 17, 2016
(last one is also tagged as mouth, though likely because of what behind him instead of the one in front)

Tagged as mouth:
2010 4_fingers 4_toes anthro aoino_broome balls blue_eyes bodily_fluids cheek_tuft cilia claws consentacles cum digital_media_(artwork) erection felid full-length_portrait genital_fluids half-closed_eyes kneeling male mammal neck_tuft oral oral_penetration penetration penis portrait sex simple_background slime solo tentacle_cilia tentacle_fellatio tentacle_grab tentacle_in_mouth tentaclejob tentacle_mouth tentacles tentacle_sex toes tuft vein

Rating: Explicit
Score: 17
User: Untamed
Date: February 14, 2010 2014 anthro armpit_fetish armpit_lick arms_above_head balls black_nose blush bodily_fluids canid canine censored cilia coiling digital_media_(artwork) erection eyewear fox fur glasses grey_fur hi_res humanoid_penis licking male mammal multicolored_fur muscular nude open_mouth penis restrained saliva solo sweat teeth tentacle_cilia tentacle_mouth tentacles tongue tongue_out two_tone_fur vein veiny_penis white_fur yellow_eyes 神咲

Rating: Explicit
Score: 8
User: Zoki
Date: June 26, 2014

Tagged as pussy:
2017 anal anal_penetration animal_genitalia animal_penis anthro anus blue_body blush bodily_fluids cub cum cum_inside cum_in_tentacles dagasi digimon digimon_(species) drooling erection forced forced_orgasm genital_fluids genital_slit internal lying male mammal monster on_back open_mouth oral orgasm penetration penis pink_penis rape red_eyes restrained saliva scalie sex slit solo spreading spread_legs tapering_penis tears tentacle_fellatio tentacle_pussy tentacle_rape tentacles tentacles_everywhere tentacle_sex tongue uncensored veemon video_games white_body young

Rating: Explicit
Score: 49
User: AdmiralHeffley
Date: April 18, 2018 あらあら 2010 abs anal anal_penetration animal_head athletic balls barefoot bdsm belt biceps big_muscles big_penis black_nose bodily_fluids bondage bound butt censored clothing domination dripping erection felid for_a_head forced fur genital_fluids glistening guin guin_saga half-closed_eyes hands_behind_head humanoid humanoid_penis hybrid leaking leopard loincloth looking_at_viewer lube male mammal manly markings messy muscular muscular_male nipples nipple_stimulation nude pantherine pecs penetration penis penis_tentacles precum pubes raised_arm rape restrained shadow slave solo spots spreading spread_legs submissive submissive_male tentaclejob tentacle_pussy tentacle_rape tentacles tentacle_sex thick_penis vein veiny_penis wet whiskers yellow_eyes yellow_fur

Rating: Explicit
Score: 9
User: jaguaryou
Date: June 25, 2014

Of those six, only half of them are tagged with fellatio, since the right kind penetration isn't quite there yet, though they're still tentacles that you penetrate rather than the other way around. Furthermore...

Tagged as Maw:
2016 areola arms_above_head big_breasts bleeding_from_pussy blood bodily_fluids bound breasts clenched_teeth clitoris crying drooling edit erect_nipples female flora_fauna flower forced genital_fluids hair half-closed_eyes hi_res humanoid league_of_legends long_hair mammal navel nipples not_furry nude orange_eyes penetration plant plant_humanoid pussy pussy_juice raised_arm rape red_hair riot_games saliva sex sieyarelow simple_background solo tears teeth tendrils tentacle_maw tentacles tentacle_sex thorns uncensored vaginal vaginal_penetration video_games zyra_(lol)

Rating: Explicit
Score: 109
User: NarcolepsyStorm
Date: December 23, 2017 anthro black_nose blush bodily_fluids breasts brown_hair coiling cum cum_in_pussy cum_inside digital_media_(artwork) female fluffy fluffy_tail genital_fluids hair meesh messy nipples nude open_maw plant pussy restrained solo spreading spread_legs tailband tentacle_maw tentacle_plant tentacles tired tongue vaginal

Rating: Explicit
Score: 18
User: Burninghart
Date: June 14, 2010

Tagged as Mouth:
! ? bow breasts butt comic condom consentacles digital_media_(artwork) duo female green_hair hair happy hi_res holding_condom holding_object human inju_otoko mammal musical_note nipples not_furry pussy ribbons smile solo_focus tentacle_monster tentacle_mouth tentacle_sex tentacles

Rating: Explicit
Score: 55
User: omginternet
Date: October 14, 2010 2016 accessory alternate_version_at_source areola blonde_hair blush bodily_fluids bow breasts censored clitoris cloud colosseum cum cum_in_pussy cum_inside drooling duo ear_piercing elise_(fire_emblem) erect_nipples female female/female fingers fire fire_emblem fire_emblem_fates forced genital_fluids hair hair_accessory half-closed_eyes hand_holding human human_focus ineffective_censorship long_hair low-angle_view mammal mosaic_censorship navel nintendo nipples not_furry nude onigensou_(artist) open_mouth outside penetration penis_tentacles piercing pink_eyes public public_nudity pussy pussy_juice rape red_eyes red_hair sakura_(fire_emblem) saliva short_hair simple_background sky teeth tentacle_mouth tentacle_rape tentacles tentacle_sex tongue vaginal vaginal_penetration video_games

Rating: Explicit
Score: 15
User: NarcolepsyStorm
Date: June 01, 2017

All four cases are technically correct. The first two have tentacles with petal-like bits that open up, however you wouldn't be able to penetrate either. While the last two do certainly have mouths, and by extension, holes, they're still clearly designed to give, not take (also applies to cases like ANIManimated anus areola bdsm big_breasts bodily_fluids bondage bottomwear bound breast_lick breasts captured clitoral clitoris clothing cunnilingus day female footwear genital_fluids human kill_la_kill legwear licking low_res mammal matoi_ryuuko nipples not_furry oral outside pussy pussy_juice raised_clothing raised_skirt restrained senketsu sex shaved_pussy shoes skirt sky solo spreading spread_legs stockings tentacle_mouth tentacles tentacle_sex thigh_highs tomboy tongue tongue_out vaginal warrior zone

Rating: Explicit
Score: 42
User: my_bad_english
Date: February 04, 2016 where the presence of tongues implies mouths, even though there's no real hole)

There's also yet more cases where the tentacle is just a bit too generic or abstract for the categories and ends up with fellatio without being labeled as maw, mouth, or pussy:

absurd_res anus balls bodily_fluids chespin christmas clothing cum cum_in_tentacles erection feral forced_orgasm genital_fluids hat headgear headwear hi_res holidays humanoid_penis male nintendo orgasm patreon penile penis penis_milking pokémon pokémon_(species) restrained santa_hat semi-anthro solo sweat tentacle_fellatio tentacles tentacle_sex translucent translucent_tentacles video_games wince winick-lim

Rating: Explicit
Score: 33
User: Boompanis
Date: December 20, 2017 anthro balls bdsm black_nose bodily_fluids bondage bound canid canine canis cum cum_inside cum_in_tentacles erection forced forced_orgasm fox genital_fluids humanoid_penis kyuna_wolf male mammal open_mouth orange_eyes orgasm orgasm_face penile penis penis_milking rape restrained solo tentacle_fellatio tentacle_rape tentacles tentacle_sex tongue tongue_out winick-lim wolf

Rating: Explicit
Score: 13
User: Zoki
Date: June 03, 2016

I would suggest implementing something like a penetrable_tentacle tag, or re-purposing tentacle_pussy to be any tentacle designed to be penetrated

Tail pussy (2016 cake digital_media_(artwork) equid equine eyeshadow female feral food glistening goo_creature hi_res horse makeup mammal midori_gel my_little_pony nana_gel open_mouth pony pussy simple_background slime solo tail_pussy text tiramisu

Rating: Explicit
Score: 14
User: Nana_Gel
Date: August 10, 2016 animal_humanoid big_breasts bite biting_lip blush breasts cat_humanoid clothing duo felid felid_humanoid feline feline_humanoid female female_on_top first_person_view hair human humanoid human_on_humanoid interspecies iranian_mythology lips male_pov mammal mammal_humanoid manticore manticore_humanoid manticore_(mge) membrane_(anatomy) membranous_wings middle_eastern_mythology monorus monster_girl_encyclopedia monster_girl_(genre) mythology navel on_top penetrating_pov pussy red_eyes self_bite sex solo_focus spiked_tail straddling tail_pussy tail_sex underwear wings

Rating: Explicit
Score: 54
User: ad1111
Date: April 30, 2015) May or may not be grouped in with this as well. There's arguments to be made for or against

(I took the liberty of editing your links into thumbnails <3 Hope you don't mind)

This definetly does seem like a problem though. I don't do anything with tentacle tags though, so I'd love it if some people who are more tentacle-y could have an opinion here.... as, my opinion sounds a lot like "well, alias them all together and be done with it" and that's probably not ideal :)

I think the simplest solution would be to add a new tag, like penetrable_tentacle, have tentacle_fellatio and cum_in_tentacle imply it, and then probably manually sort any others that apply since mouths and maws don't necessarily mean you can penetrate them. Aliasing them all together would result in multiple things being suddenly mistagged accordingly.