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Topic: Advanced tag discussion: Mutually-exclusive Body Types/Styles (anthro, feral, human, humanoid, taur, 'semi-anthro' etc.)

(There was a really long post that's supposed to be here, but maybe later)

This is exactly what I'm talking about:

Everyone has a different definition for semi-anthro, because there is currently no standard definition for anthro in the first place
(and feral to a much lesser extent)

Both on and off the site

If we try to objectively tag subjective body types, at least one person is going to be 'wrong' about something, which never ends well for anyone involved

So, with that said, we have a couple of options here, with some overlap:


This way, we can have the following:

This is why I'm thinking about using semi-anthro as a sort of sub-tag, not necessarily a separate body type altogether, but not a 'supplementary' tag either

We wouln't have to rely on people to tag it, because anthro and feral are still the main ones for zoomorphism/anthropomorphism

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