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Topic: Not_Furry not used enough, Feral is over-broad and Anthro is vague

Jackal32 said:
[...]On Not_Furry's wiki it mentions Feral as indicating that it is Furry and therefor should not be included in the Not_Furry tag. However bestiality implies Feral by its definition on this site which includes stuff like this: post #876389. So which is it?

Then Anthro takes the vague stance of everything anthropomorphic while in the same wiki noting its common usage as to being mostly human or bipedal. So if we include inanimate objects some don't even have legs so it is vague.

So then we come full circle what is Not_Furry? Not_Furry's wiki is incredibly obvious to me and would include posts like this post #876414 or this post #875641. The feral category is full of such posts. If feral wasn't defined so over-broad then no one would have ever thought to make bestiality imply feral.

I think some of your issue here may stem from semantics around the terms "not furry" and "furry" on e621. The word is being used in a different sense than you are expecting, I think.

When defining something as "not_furry" for tagging purposes on e621, we are using the term "furry" purely to mean "of interest to the furry fandom". Furry/Not Furry is used in this case more along the lines of how you would use the term when referring to a "Furry Convention" or to a "Furry Art Website". It's a categorization of general interest.

It is NOT based on if the characters in the picture are anthropomorphic animals or have any anthro traits.

The definitions in the not_furry wiki try to clearly define things according to whether or not each thing would be "of interest to a furry fan":

  • A Human, Elf, Troll, Orc, Angel, or Robot has no particular special interest to a furry fandom member, so these things are tagged "not_furry".
  • Any animal of any sort, whether feral, anthro, or animal_humanoid are considered to be "furry"-or-"of interest to a furry fan". If a picture contains even a single prominent character or creature that falls under this category, it causes the picture to be considered "furry". (and therefore will not receive the not_furry tag)

This is why all three posts that you linked: post #876389, post #876414, and post #875641, do NOT receive the "not_furry" tag - because all three of them contain animals, and therefore are considered to be "furry": of interest to a furry fan.

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