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Topic: Advanced tag discussion: Mutually-exclusive Body Types/Styles (anthro, feral, human, humanoid, taur, 'semi-anthro' etc.)

regsmutt said:
To me semi-anthro does have a place for bodies that have more-or-less feral anatomy (differences are minor or subtle) but are shown with human posture and poses. To me, these are the most clear-cut cases:

Yeah, exactly!

I think the biggest current issue with the tag though, is its name

If we can rename it to something more appropriate/accurate, then I'm fairly certain the usage would improve as well

As mentioned in the above post (links pending),

Most issues/conflicts regarding body types stem from a problem with the anthro tag itself and its loose definition

If/until that's ever addressed, and a solid definition for anthro is made, then anything else related to it (humanoids, taur, etc), will also be shaky

@Genjar; @All:

What I'm thinking to do about that is;
  • -> Use anthro as the widest umbrella tag, which most content falls under:

Not sure if humans should be under anthro, for a variety of reasons [tba]

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