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Topic: Tagging Projects, (or, How YOU Can Help!)

Related, putting it in here for now:
(planning a post about taur definition in forum #189471) [~3 years old]

Renard_Queenston said:
While on the subject, does a naga count as a taur?

Azazial said:
No. Nagas are not taurs. Their tag is different but similar. I would recommend they be treated under the same rules but not be considered the same. Hybrid tag similar to centaurs.

post #292475 (Snake + Naga)
post #290012 (Human + Naga)
post #267084 (Snake + Naga)
post #238924 (Snake + cat?)
post #199412 (Giraffe + Naga/Snake?)
post #147796 (male feline bottom, male snake mid, male horse top (see source))

Sorry Naga/Lamaia fans, I am not from your lust/fandom so feel free to correct me.

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