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Topic: Your Weirdest Kink

I pretty much like only feral on anthro stuff (and not even the other way around). I also really don't like humans/humanoids. I'm not into it sexually or anything but I'm also exclusively digitgrade in preference. Plantigrade/humanoid is just gross to me.

The weirdest thing sexually I have is where females are essentially breeders for monsters, creatures or insects. The weirdest take is having relatively wormlike creatures enter them and breed in them before birthing more larva. Only through the two regular orfices though. Nothing super freaky like actual infestation or mutations; just physically using their body as a temporary vessel for brood. Artistically I see the work done way more for humans but its never done with anthro.

And someone else stated revealing clothes were more interesting than fully nude; I agree there. Something about the context and titilation of it is way more interesting than being just randomly nude.

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