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Topic: Your Weirdest Kink

huh, welp i made my list bigger, but if anything, any kink for me is ok as long is concensual, not forced like rape (rapeplay is ok in some degree)
nor scat or gore, and of course i hate diapers, like , they dont really look that cute… and is a bonekiller too.

but if just to be sure, my new strange kinks, that i had already but now i am sure to do

cock vore (not digestion or gorsesome digestion)
foreskin play (also includes hyper penis, but ling foreskin)
cock transformation (making someone be the cock while fucking)
absorbtion (slimes and / or suits / latex goo creatures works too)
ball cum inflation
all the way through
egglaying (specially if asked for male pregnancy, and they cant breed)
ovipositor cock (a cock that can lay eggs, either way on a male or female)
tentacle cock (a fav of me :3)
tentacles coming from the back (strange, new, must do)

(and yeah i can look and like cub lewds, but i do preffer petting them instead of lewd them, tho the subbies i have they like to ageplay and they are (my sons / daughters) somewhat *more* perverted than me, and they make me penis nurse them, i cant deny that is kinda hot, but well, i am not into that *fully* to make it by me, i need a good reason to make such taboo content for myself) yes i have some stories but they are from reason like survival and lust demons and that, could not think on a *good* reason to make a story with just casual thing with that )

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