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Topic: Your Weirdest Kink

Loincloths. Somehow both perfectly concealing and revealing at the same time, loincloths can represent a more primitive, tribal, natural or minimalist way of life, or be a symbol of subjugation, low caste, humility, vulnerability, humiliation and submission. So easily removed, literally a single thread from clothed to exposed, they're just the sexiest clothing in anthro art for me.

Also fundoshi. That's Japanese underwear, to be clear, and not omorashi, though I like that too (no diapers, thanks xP )

And last but not least, ENF (embarrassed naked furries). I guess I have a trend for liking it when only the tiniest amount of the body is all that can be covered, either by clothes or a crotch-grab, lol

*enf enf enf*

Ok one more. My favorite part of the body shared by all genders: the perineum! :3

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