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Topic: Your Weirdest Kink

FrigginButtsMan said: Last thing is one thing that I got interested in but this time due to a user on here mentioning it are loincloths! (etc)

Was it me? ;3 Nice job with the loincloth, I have a little hoard of various textiles and scraps of cloth that I like to wear made out of napkins, pillowcases etc. I cut a red pillowcase into one long strip and it makes a great fundoshi ^~^

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FrigginButtsMan said: (everything else)

I'm right there with ya, and it makes sense to protect your feet (if nothing else) when exercising :P I don't want to make anyone see what they don't wish to see but in my rebellious teenage years I did that more than a few times, until I got caught. v_v

I have been looking for a very specific set of traits for a while now and I'm kinda surprised how few pictures I've found, but maybe I'm just too picky. I want to find characters in the utmost humiliating situations. To me this usually means unclothed, restrained, and not just aroused but brought to climax by force while in view of at least a few onlookers to witness the subject's shame after orgasm if not before or during.

There are a lot of public_use pics that fit but to have the public in the picture means more characters to draw so understandably there aren't tons of crowds; usually the viewer is the public eye. Same goes with public_nudity and public_humiliation.

I sure do love my Embarrassed Naked Furries...
*enf* *enf* *enf*

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