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Topic: Your Weirdest Kink

TOV said:
Just curious about you freaks and geeks, what is your weirdest kink? Not necessarily the kink you are most into but one yourself or others might find odd or hard to explain. That being said also attempt to explain the appeal to you.

My most oddball fetish would probably be shaving. Not just watching people shave though its more so others letting me shave them. There's something oddly satisfying about revealing more skin underneath a layer of hair. But more important than that is the trust involved in someone letting you use a razor on them. There is almost this emotional aspect to the act of being tender with a potentially painful tool.

Soz if this is too awkward a topic for this site feel free to flag or delete if this isn't appropriate. Being a (primarily) porn site I didn't see why not while typing it up.

I'm not sure I am allowed to say it? Because I was reprimanded for "being creepy" about it, but I like the scent of feet and genitals. Not, like, 2 weeks stinky but I like the unique scent of my woman's feet and etc and it's almost disappointing when she doesn't smell like anything (fresh out of the shower). She also loves my masculine scent,too. I heard that we humans work too hard to cover all our scents. My last gf told me I was very animalistic in this way. I hope I don't get banned for saying this.

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