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Topic: "I don't like the theme." and how you can help.

wharrgarbl said:
I can understand that it might be a legal thing to automatically block 'bad' content, but they have that 18+ popup already, why not add a second one asking to unblock the content? I'm sick of having to keep logging in everytime I want to browse. I want to see everything, whether I like it or not.

I dunno man. I feel like that kinda defeats the purpose of the default blacklist. From what I’ve gathered from reading NotMeNotYou’s explanation , the whole reason why the blacklist and 18+ popup exists is so that all the government officials would stop heckling them about the content they’re hosting. I’d figure it wouldn’t be a good idea to have the second thing you see upon entering this site to be a pop up asking if you wanted to literally see the content that they didn’t want certain people to know they have.

Besides, if you keep reading the forum post there they say they are planning to change how the global blacklist will function later in the future.

“But that’s retarded!” you might ask. “They could literally just make an account and see all the blocked content again.” Well, heres the thing. That requires a person —a government official or someone who works for one—- to make an account. Then, they have to search for it. There are people who use this site on a near daily basis who think even that is too much of an inconvenience <_<

But for real though, I don’t know enough about their legal situation to say too much about it. I just know that having to deal with a few extra steps to see past a default blacklist is infinitely better than having to deal with a country-wide blacklist.