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Topic: "I don't like the theme." and how you can help.

savageorange said:
Here's what I get for <malicious url>(this is not a site owned by e621, do not visit it) :

Presumably if I didn't have uBlock, the above url would have actually loaded.

Addons list:

  • Cookie Quick Manager
  • Dark Reader
  • Privacy Badger
  • Imagus
  • UBlock Origin

Admin edit: Correct site url is

Welp, this helped me remember that I forgot to apply my filters when I re-installed uBlock a few weeks back. I REALLY hope I didn't get anything on my system after that. I cleared my history, cookies, temporary files, and checked my registry just in case. Malwarebytes and Bitdefender didn't come up with anything as it happened and I closed the URL after the first 1-2 redirects, so I'll run some scans tomorrow to be safe. But I'll be really upset if some stuff got gleamed from my system/browser that shouldn't have after that little mistake