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Topic: "I don't like the theme." and how you can help.

I really do think that this new version can become something very pleasing but there are a few things that I believe could change for the better. I know that many people took enjoyment from seeing the silly reasons people were banned but now that’s not an option. When you search favorites it does not preserve the order they were added. I really think that the location of parent/child posts were very convenient along with the back and fourth pool arrows, what I mean is the location on the page in the corner and the size and proximity of them to each other. Many many things have improved such as tagging and tag searching, it’s very clean and the morality of asking if you are of age is really impressing and I really believe if we keep at it, it will become something everyone can call home. May I reiterate that one of many of our greatest enjoyments is seeing the stupidity of banned users, many quality of life improvements have been placed and I know that the staff will add all the effects that the previous version had so it won’t appear as bland. I really hope that the staff reads every one of these because we really want this to become something amazing.