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Topic: "I don't like the theme." and how you can help.

• Bring back the logo, home page, mascots, etc. They added a lot of personality to the site

• Use a different font. I don't even know the name of this one but it just gives me 'default font' vibes

• Comment boxes are too big (a one-sentence comment uses as much room as a 10-line comment). Maybe make avatars a bit smaller

• Spacing on some elements is too small. Go to posts and look the left section, it all looks really cramped around the search bar. On comments, the avatar and username look too close as well. As I'm writing this reply the header has almost no spacing around it either.

• The patterns/designs and the subtle colour gradient on the background went a long way to make the site look professional and add some flair

EDIT: I just wanna say, I was a bit disappointed to see the site like this, but I'm actually really excited to see what it might look like in the future. I do appreciate that you guys are doing your best to keep this site in its best shape!