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Topic: About commenting

mairo said:
So once again as general reminder, if you break the rules, you will first get neutral warning, then negative warning, then suspension and then permaban, also records decay in 6 months and breaking rules of other categories do not count towards same warning.
That means, you will have to fuck up 4 times during 6 months period to get permabanned from the site and during those 4 fuckups you can do several more fuckups on breaking other rules in the meanwhile. (of course if you are literally breaking all every rule on every category at tall times, staff can ban you sooner if they deem so, but on paper, you should be fine)

Also good way to think of commenting is that could you say that out loud in a public showing? Because it is as simple as how you would talk to people in public and how would you talk to your friends and partners.
Most of the time if someone is getting warning for creepy comments, they were reported by another user who felt like the comment was worth reporting. This is kinda also why I say that this isn't a pornsite, because even if we have lots of it, we still handle material as artwork primarily and people who do get warned for creepy comments usually comment like people do on rule34 and porn video sites.

Me and other users have been confused as to why this user named tiamat5 was permabanned for being accused of a creepy comment but he wasn't even talking about wanting to have sex with the characters he was just pointing something out.

If it's because he called the parents "mommy" and "daddy" then that's not creepy. Kids and even adults still call their parents "mommy" and "daddy in real life. So if it's okay for people to say that regardless of age in real life then why isn't it okay here?