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Topic: About commenting

dragon_soldier321 said:
Me and other users have been confused as to why this user named tiamat5 was permabanned for being accused of a creepy comment but he wasn't even talking about wanting to have sex with the characters he was just pointing something out.

If it's because he called the parents "mommy" and "daddy" then that's not creepy. Kids and even adults still call their parents "mommy" and "daddy in real life. So if it's okay for people to say that regardless of age in real life then why isn't it okay here?

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That is insane amount of comments, they spend whole month of their life just to write comments essentially. Also if I remember correctly there's hundreds of reports from users about their comments.

I generally do not mind any of these comments, but at the same time aknowledge many of their place is not here or they could've voiced their opinions in more mature manner.
If artist likes that someone talks dirty of their stuff, you can go to sources to do that.