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Topic: [Feature] Active/deleted/deceased status for artists

I'm just going to write this in bit more in depth of how I understand the situation.

Requested feature overview description.
On the old website, in artist pages the "active" status was used to signify wheter or not artist was doing content or not and this setting could've been changed by any user.
With new site, it seems like the status has been changed from true or false into "active" or "deleted", which makes the usability confusing as fuck.
Additionally, it would be great to have some additional statuses, including if the artist is e.g. deceased, DNP (which many users are already inserting as freeform text), nuked (as in artist pressed nuke to get rid of their exsistance), etc.

Why would it be useful?
Huge majority of current artist pages are from old site, meaning their status is also from there and only way to manage them is for janitor or above to go trough them, which we do not have time to do :V
Additional statuses would simply be a plus at categorizing and much cleaner presentation on pages.

What part(s) of the site page(s) are affected?
Artist pages.