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Topic: What does it take to become a staff member?


Former Staff

odisaodi said:
According to the history for that page the how to become a janitor has always been pending. The page is also so out of date that contributor talks about being active in the IRC.

Not to mention that it doesn't include the Former Staff rank at all. From what I've been told, that rank is between the Contributor and Janitor. (It used to have some perks that Contributor doesn't get, such as rating locking, but those are currently unimplemented on the new site.)

pup said:
Janitors often get picked from Contributors as far as I'm aware, as after posting a lot without too many deletions it shows they know where the line of good/bad quality is

Users do sometimes get promoted directly from Privileged, but yes, Janitors must have a good grasp of the quality standards. After all, they can approve posts and process flags, so they must be capable of that. And having a good history of uploads/flags is one way to show that off.