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Topic: [Lore Tag Request] fox_spirit

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The "fox_spirit" tag is limited, per the wiki, to characters having the stereotypical supernatural appearance of a fox spirit of Asian mythology; I would like to requet the addition of a lore tag, "fox_spirit_(lore)" to allow for tagging of characters who are canonically some form of fox spirit but do not possess, either in all images or only in some, the requisite appearance for the standard species tag. I would be greatly appreciative!

odisaodi said:
Making it more general like animal_spirit might be better

That would be far too general; it could be a separate tag entirely in addition as an implication, but replacing the fox_spirit tag would not be useful. I'd just like a lore version of the tag so that characters (like my own) who are kitsune (or similar) can have the tag without diluting the species tag.

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