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Topic: [APPROVED] Tag alias: tailsko_(sonic) -> miles_prower

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The tag alias #46532 tailsko_(sonic) -> miles_prower has been approved.

Reason: Similar tags have already been aliased to miles_prower. It's just a fan made up name for Tails as a female.

Q: Why not remove it manually?
A: People keep re-adding it.

Similar tags
sonica_(sonic) -> sonic_the_hedgehog
knuckleline_(sonic) -> knuckles_the_echidna
knucklesline_(sonic) -> knuckles_the_echidna
shadina_(sonic) -> shadow_the_hedgehog
silvia_(sonic) -> silver_the_hedgehog

EDIT: The bulk update request #81 (forum #) has been approved by @Millcore.

EDIT: The tag alias tailsko_(sonic) -> miles_prower (forum #292131) has been approved by @Millcore.

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All by the same user. I hope the ticket gets processed soon, before this nonsense spreads and other users start thinking that those are fine to use.

The user in question has also been doing this nonsense with My Little Pony. Not overly familiar with the show myself, but here's everything I found based on solo images that had these new tags.

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