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Topic: Tag alias: fingerless_gloves_(marking) -> fingerless_(marking)

Posted under Tag Alias and Implication Suggestions

I feel that the fingerless_gloves_(marking) and toeless_socks_(marking) tags seem distinct enough to keep separate from fingerless_(marking) and toeless_(marking). I think they should be implicated to each instead (and possibly implicated to gloves_(marking) and socks_(marking) as well).

The fingerless_gloves_(marking) tag seems to be for when fingerless_(marking) and gloves_(marking) are present at the same time. The toeless_socks_(marking) tag seems to be for when toeless_(marking) and socks_(marking) are present at the same time. It's debatable whether they're worth keeping or if they're redundant to use, but I think they're distinct enough to be kept as separate tags.

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