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Topic: [APPROVED] CDNP Blitzdrachin alternate names

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The bulk update request #261 is active.

create alias asmonese -> blitzdrachin
create alias sifyro_(artist) -> blitzdrachin
create alias sifyro -> sifyro_(disambiguation)

Reason: Alternate names listed, they prefer to go by blitzdrachin on adult sites.
Sifyro is both a character name of theirs, and one they go by on another site and should be temp aliased to sifyro_(character) as to stransfer away from current content than disambiguated due to artist tag status as well.

EDIT: The bulk update request #261 (forum #296017) has been approved by @NotMeNotYou.

Updated by auto moderator

I don't think disambiguation is good in this case, might be much easier to just alias sifyro -> blitzdrachin
If sifyro is aliased to blitzdrachin, then people searching for sifyro would get all your artwork under blitzdrachin artist tag, where now because it's disambiguater, there's no posts outside that one with the tag.

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