Read the rules before proceeding!

Help: IRC / Chat

The chat is graciously hosted by and is subject to all of rules.
You can find these rules here.

Registering with

Accessing the #e621 channel requires you to register with the IRC network first.

The registration directly happens through the chat, so you must have the chat open and be connected to the network. If you can read the Logon News you're set to register.

Step 1: Once you're connected type and send the following line: /msg nickserv register password email.
Make sure you pick a suitable password and give a functioning email, as you will need the verification code given in the email. Administrators of the network will never ask you for the password.
Step 2: Once you have the verification code type in and send /msg NickServ confirm <passcode>

Once that is done you can join the #e621 channel by typing in /join #e621.

If you disconnect from the network, for example by closing the page, then you will have to identify first before you can join the channel. In order to do so connect normally to the chat, then type in /msg nickserv identify password, once the server acknowledged your log in you can type /join #e621 to join our channel.

For more common tasks please refer to the " Wiki"

Connecting through the page

To connect using our on-site client, simply visit this page.

Connecting through your own client

To connect using your own client, point it to the server and join the channel #e621.

Here is a list of popular IRC clients to get you started: