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apron ball_gag balls blindfold boots bow_tie boxer_briefs briefs bulge buttplug carrot caveman christmas cigarette clothing collar cowboy cowboy_boots cowboy_hat crossdressing diaper digital_media_(artwork) dildo dress_up erection eyewear farmer feet flaccid flash flash_game footwear gag game_(disambiguation) glasses gloves goggles hair harness hat headband holidays hollo_nut humanoid_penis interactive japanese_clothing jockstrap kilt kimono kinky lagomorph leash leather legwear loincloth long_foreskin long_hair male mammal martini mask melee_weapon necklace necktie orgasm overalls panties pants penis penis_slip penis_through_fly pimp poking_out rabbit samurai santa_hat scarf scientist sex_toy sheath shirt shoes shorts small_penis socks solo stripper swimsuit sword tank_top thong uncut underwear underwear_aside weapon whip

Rating: Explicit
Score: 39
User: TuttiFrutti
Date: June 21, 2015"
↑39 ♥83 C13 E 2014 2015 animal_genitalia animated anthro balls bandage big_breasts big_penis blue_eyes breasts canine cleo_(yutrah) clothing cum desert_eagle dress dripping eyewear fishnet flash footwear game_(disambiguation) glasses gun hair handgun herm high_heels horsecock intersex legwear mammal melee_weapon nightgown nipples nude panties penis pistol ranged_weapon rifle shoes solo standing stockings sunglasses sword thong underwear weapon white_hair wolf xpray

Rating: Explicit
Score: 11
User: 2DUK
Date: June 18, 2015"
↑11 ♥76 C11 E blueraspberry_(artist) canine cum cum_inflation dog drag drop excessive_cum extreme faces flash game_(disambiguation) horny inflation insertion male mammal oviposition pain penetration penis sad solo tentacles what xray

Rating: Explicit
Score: -10
User: nowaroncorn
Date: June 13, 2015"
↓10 ♥12 C4 E animated english_text equine female flash friendship_is_magic game_(disambiguation) horn mammal music my_little_pony normanfoxlee princess_celestia_(mlp) russian_text sound text twilight_sparkle_(mlp) visual_novel winged_unicorn wings

Rating: Safe
Score: 15
User: NormanLee
Date: March 23, 2015"
↑15 ♥34 C11 S animated cervine death deer flash game_(disambiguation) happy_tree_friends lumpy mammal rope walking water

Rating: Explicit
Score: -1
User: tengger
Date: March 23, 2015"
↓1 ♥10 C7 E 2008 animated anthro flash game_(disambiguation) glados hedgehog male mammal nitro portal_(series) sonic_(series) sonic_the_hedgehog sound valve what what_has_science_done

Rating: Safe
Score: 7
User: the_vole
Date: July 19, 2009"
↑7 ♥33 C17 S

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