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April 3: The tag script source bug has been fixed, feel free to tag script away!

March 31: Big update tonight! (No, this is not an April Fool's Day joke). Highlights include a fix for the 'duplicate or inferior' flag reason, and a way to lock your theme so it never changes with new seasons. Check here for all the changes.

March 22: A new flag reason is now available: "This image has been deleted before". Also, remember to choose the most accurate reason for deletion. For example, if you upload a repost, please choose "This post is a duplicate", not "I uploaded the file by mistake".

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animated atrolux ballbusting balls bite biting_penis blood cock_and_ball_torture cockbiting cum dragon english_text erection flash friendship_is_magic gore male male/male my_little_pony open_mouth penis plain_background scalie spike_(mlp) text 

Rating: Explicit 
Score: 4 
User: Clopper-Dude 
Date: March 06, 2013 ↑4 ♥45 C8 E ^_^ ballbiting balls bite biting_penis clothed clothing cockbiting cum danger dare eyes_closed female happy human male male/female mammal nibble not_furry oral ouch penis plain_background skimpy smile teeth trust uncut white_background young 

Rating: Explicit 
Score: 8 
User: hippydude13 
Date: February 04, 2011 ↑8 ♥38 C11 E anthro balls biting_penis black_hair blush clothing cockbiting dare daring dialogue duo feline fellatio fundoshi fur hair horn humanoid_penis japanese_text katana lion loincloth male male/male mammal nude one_eye_closed oral penis raihi scar sex shining_(series) shining_wind stitches stripes sword text tiger translation_request trust trusting underwear video_games weapon yellow_eyes とらとらイオン 

Rating: Explicit 
Score: 4 
User: jinji 
Date: January 19, 2010 ↑4 ♥29 C6 E alien biceps biting_penis blush breasts cockbiting crouching dare daring dreadlocks duo fellatio female humanoid interspecies inverted_nipples invisible_man japanese_text male male/female mandible muscles muscular_female nezumi nipples nude oral penis predator_(franchise) sex sitting spread_legs spreading sweat text translated translucent_body trust trusting yautja 

Rating: Explicit 
Score: 11 
User: Zogar 
Date: January 18, 2010 ↑11 ♥96 C13 E animated bite biting_penis blood clothing cockbiting cum cum_from_nose cum_in_mouth cum_in_nose cum_inside cum_on_face dare daring deep_throat demon ear_piercing erection fangs fellatio female flash human licking male male/female mammal messy nail_polish not_furry oral penis piercing red_eyes ring sex teeth tongue tongue_out trust trusting umeko undead vampire zone 

Rating: Explicit 
Score: 17 
User: Nekotrainer 
Date: October 27, 2009 ↑17 ♥157 C16 E

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