News - Feb 12, 2015 (17 days ago)

To anyone who likes to tag things, apparently we have a bug that nukes tags if you are tagging something the same time as someone else, so check your history periodically to make sure you aren't removing valid tags.
Also: if you have an image open for awhile before you got around to editing the tags, please refresh the image first before editing the tags. That way it won't nuke any tags which were added since you loaded the page.

Update! Click here for the changelog.

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2011 anthro big_breasts black_and_white breasts canine clit_slip clitoris clothed clothing duo eye_contact feline female flashing fox hair hybrid long_hair mammal max_blackrabbit monochrome nipples plain_background pussy sheila_vixen shirt shirt_lift skunk tiger undressing unzipped white_background zig_zag 

Rating: Explicit 
Score: 16 
User: slydevious 
Date: October 12, 2011 ↑16 ♥100 C8 E

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