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Rating: Explicit 
Score: 22 
User: voldosbt 
Date: April 22, 2014 ↑22 ♥122 C7 E <3 ambiguous_gender anime avian barry bianca bird brendan bulbasaur canine charizard cheren chikorita chimchar clothed clothing crystal cyndaquil dawn_(pokémon) dragon ethan eusine eyes_closed female feral fire gary_oak group gyarados happy hat hilbert hilda ho-oh human legendary_pokémon lucas lyra_(pokémon) male mammal may_(pokémon) mudkip n_(pokémon) nintendo open_mouth oshawott outside penguin pikachu piplup pokédex pokémon ralts red_(pokémon) reptile scalie silver_(pokémon) sleeping snivy snorlax squirtle suicune tepig torchic totodile tree treecko turtle turtwig video_games wallace water yellow_(pokémon) zorua 稲枝田ケイ 

Rating: Safe 
Score: 10 
User: FireXSpirit 
Date: April 08, 2014 ↑10 ♥19 C9 S after_sex bestiality blush bottomless cape censored clothed clothing cum drooling duo eusine feral glans green_eyes half-dressed human human_on_feral humanoid_penis interspecies legendary_pokémon magician male male/male mammal nintendo penis pokémon poképhilia red_eyes saliva suicune tears tongue tongue_out video_games 

Rating: Explicit 
Score: 2 
User: chdgs 
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Rating: Safe 
Score: 1 
User: Searinox 
Date: December 04, 2010 ↑1 ♥21 C18 S

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