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ambiguous_gender bow clothing dress espurr fuchsia_(artist) looking_at_viewer nintendo pokemon_contest pokémon solo standing stare tutu video_games

Rating: Safe
Score: 9
User: Neitsuke
Date: December 12, 2014 ↑9 ♥22 C4 S ... <3 ? ambiguous_gender blush comic dragon duo eyes_closed feral fish fuchsia_(artist) garchomp hi_res mammal marine nintendo pachirisu pokémon rodent scalie shark size_difference squirrel sweat translated video_games

Rating: Safe
Score: 5
User: AnacondaRifle
Date: August 21, 2014 ↑5 ♥31 C3 S aged_down ambiguous_gender blue_eyes brown_fur canine carpet cub cute eevee eeveelution espeon eyes_closed female feral flareon fuchsia_(artist) fur glaceon group inside jolteon ladder leafeon licking lying mammal mother nintendo open_mouth parent pokémon rug sleeping smile sunlight sylveon tongue tongue_out umbreon vaporeon video_games window young

Rating: Safe
Score: 27
User: AnacondaRifle
Date: November 27, 2013 ↑27 ♥111 C16 S anthro blush canine female fuchsia_(artist) gardevoir ghost group humanoid lagomorph lopunny mammal mismagius nintendo pokémon rabbit spirit text translated video_games zorua

Rating: Safe
Score: 10
User: Juni221
Date: March 15, 2013 ↑10 ♥41 C0 S ambiguous_gender bulbasaur cute disembodied_hand fingers fuchsia_(artist) green_body nintendo pokémon red_eyes video_games

Rating: Safe
Score: 11
User: Daniruu
Date: August 10, 2012 ↑11 ♥32 C2 S 2011 absol ambiguous_gender ball black_eyes blue_eyes book box bulbasaur canine charmander chikorita clefairy clock crayons crown digital_media_(artwork) drifloon eevee electrode emolga eyes_closed feral fuchsia_(artist) fur furret game_boy gothita group hi_res humanoid jigglypuff jigsaw_puzzle joltik larvitar lucario luvdisc mammal nintendo pikachu plushie pokéball pokémon red_eyes rodent scolipede shinx sitting skitty sneasel star sticker swadloon swalot video_games voltorb whimsicott white_eyes window wooper yellow_fur zipper

Rating: Safe
Score: 17
User: queue
Date: October 19, 2011 ↑17 ♥51 C4 S blush breasts cleavage clothed clothing female forest fuchsia_(artist) gardevoir green_hair hair hair_over_eyes humanoid nintendo outside pokémon pose smile solo tree video_games

Rating: Safe
Score: 16
User: AnacondaRifle
Date: May 10, 2011 ↑16 ♥57 C1 S ambiguous_gender canine cute duo eevee feral fire_stone fox fuchsia_(artist) looking_at_viewer mammal multiple_tails night nintendo pokémon restricted_palette video_games vulpix

Rating: Safe
Score: 4
User: Caroway
Date: April 20, 2010 ↑4 ♥29 C11 S 2010 anthro anthrofied breasts brown_fur cute featureless_breasts female fuchsia_(artist) fur hi_res lagomorph long_ears looking_at_viewer lopunny mammal navel nintendo pokémon pokémorph pussy rabbit red_eyes simple_background solo video_games

Rating: Explicit
Score: 6
User: Browser
Date: March 17, 2010 ↑6 ♥71 C1 E

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