News - Feb 12, 2015 (15 days ago)

To anyone who likes to tag things, apparently we have a bug that nukes tags if you are tagging something the same time as someone else, so check your history periodically to make sure you aren't removing valid tags.
Also: if you have an image open for awhile before you got around to editing the tags, please refresh the image first before editing the tags. That way it won't nuke any tags which were added since you loaded the page.

Update! Click here for the changelog.

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alsnapz ambiguous_gender anal anal_insertion anal_penetration anal_vore animated anthro bandai barbftr canine digimon dinosaur dragon elephant female feral flash fox fruit game goodra imaginaryz insertion krystal lizard lugia mammal nidoking nintendo oranges penetration pokémon raptor renamon reptile scalie scolipede selicia star_fox tail_vore unbirthing video_games vore 

Rating: Explicit 
Score: 29 
User: MistaMarluxiaXIII 
Date: May 26, 2014 ↑29 ♥181 C37 E alsnapz anal anal_insertion anal_penetration anal_vore animated avian barbftr bird centaur chubby digestion dinosaur dragon egg equine feathers female feral flash flash_game gryphon human imaginaryz insertion interactive legendary_pokémon lugia male mammal nintendo owl penetration pokémon pussy reptile scalie scolipede snivy sound stomach taur tyrannosaurus_rex unbirthing video_games vore 

Rating: Explicit 
Score: 71 
User: dragonrump 
Date: June 21, 2013 ↑71 ♥281 C41 E ambiguous_gender animated blue_pants digestion dinosaur dragon female flash flash_game human imaginaryz interactive lizard mammal mountain outside pink_shirt reptile scalie seth270 snake sound swallowing sword tyrannosaurus_rex volcano vore weapon 

Rating: Questionable 
Score: 8 
User: MistaMarluxiaXIII 
Date: October 11, 2012 ↑8 ♥41 C12 Q

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